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Autumn Flowers

The long warm days of Autumn with those cool blue skies and warm breezes are my absolute favourite days of the year. There is something so comforting about starting to get ready for the cooler days of Winter to come. Jobs to do in the garden before the rain and winds come are done with calm and peace as I help to get my garden ready to hibernate for the Winter months.

And many of us think that there will be no colour and fun outdoors as the leaves fall from the trees, the sun sinks deeper into the horizon and the flowers disappear. But that's just when things start to get more colourful. The trees throw out a blaze of colour, especially the introduced species from countries far away. And some cheeky little flowers refuse to hunker down just yet, they still have some joy to give.

Some flowers that will sing us through Autumn and into the early days of Winter just happen to be favourites of mine, they are robust yet delicate and united make a gorgeous show of colour to bring indoors and add some life to our homes. A few that I love and will be using in the shop over this time are...





David Austin Roses



Kangeroo Paw





Tulips and....


Here are some inspired ideas for arrangements and bunches during the Autumn months - all from Pinterest, a great source of pictures and floral, enjoy!

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