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Spring Flowers 7 of the best

It's the most exciting time of the year at market for me - Spring! While there are plenty of interesting choices over the winter months, the beginning of spring brings all sorts of colour, shape, texture and most importantly scent like the bold bossiness of Hyacinth and the soft sweetness of Sweet Peas.

Here are a few of my favourites - I know there are many, many more but these are the ones I love to work with because they are just so dang girly and romantic.

Ranunculus are available in hot pink, soft pink, burgundy, white, peach & orange. A frilly long-lasting flower (if you look after it well) with a soft stem that sometimes needs to be wired to enable it's heavy head to be held on it's delicate stem

Anemone (this is a tongue twister... an-emm-on-ee NOT an-nen-om-ee). I love how this one opens during the day and if placed in the fridge/cool room will close at night. And the black centre is stunning, sometimes you'll also get a deep violet or lime green centre too and lasts amazingly long if you look after it - warning, like most flowers it doesn't like the heat so keep it cool and it will do you proud

Sweet Pea - my favourite colour being mauve followed very closely by this gorgeous peach below. A cluster of these in an arrangement is so classic and reminds me of my mum who has grown these nearly every year since forever. The frilly petals remind me of the sleeves in elegant 1940's dresses, so very feminine and dreamy

Pieris Japonica (Lily of the Valley tree) is a real favourite. It adds a soft edge to a bunch or arrangement, delicately draping and adding an interesting shape. I can't decide if I like white or pink best and my mum has both colours in her garden. It's a vigorous tree which I am attempting to grow myself - stay tuned though it may be a while, like, years

Spring blossom - well hello, is there anything that gently says Spring more than blossom? I think not, enough said

Buddleia (also known as butterfly bush) has the most fabulous shape, pointed yet soft. I'm not a huge fan of the lemon colour but do love the deep purple and dark pink and if you can get a lush white then good for you. It grows prolifically and make sure you have plenty of room. I tried to grown this but it nearly took over the back yard, was all leaf and no flower so ta-ta, out you go

Lilac is kind of a more showy, blousey version of Buddleia but scented and the colours are divine with mauve being my top pick. The scent is amazing and I'm thinking this could be a winner in my garden though it is a colder climate tree

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