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Wedding  F.A.Q's

I'm guessing that you haven't organised a wedding before and

probably have a lot of questions about how this all works right?

Take a deep breath and relax, I'll give you a guideline and set out simple steps below with

some of my most frequently asked questions (F.A.Q's) to follow - scroll down


(I only communicate via email NOT SOCIAL MEDIA MESSAGING)

                   Where do I start?

1.   Start with my basic Bridal Party Flowers package

2.   Add on any extra Bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes or corsages

3.   Select extra items for your Ceremony or add on my basic Reception package

4.   Make your choice of Colour Palette

5.   Fill out the Contact Form on the Wedding Page and submit it

      (messages via Social Media will not be answered)

6.   I'll get back to you and we'll chat about your requirements

7.   An initial Estimate is prepared & emailed to you

      (including any add-ons, extra's or special requests)

8.   We can have an on-line meeting via Zoom or Face-time to clarify any details

9.   A quote is then prepared and emailed to you.

10.  A non-refundable deposit is required once you accept the quote

      (this secures your date)

11.  One month before your Wedding date the remaining balance of your quote is due

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 9.20.53 pm.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 4.53.43 pm.png

Q.  How do I know a wedding package is for me?

A.  Wildflower Wedding packages are designed for couples who may not know exactly what they need or what it will cost to plan the wedding flowers and arrangements for their big day.  I've created a simple, easy to use, stress free process that starts at the beginning and gently steps you through making those big decisions with my help all the way. 

I find that it suits Brides & Grooms who have busy lives and don't want to get caught up in the tiny details, happily letting the professionals do their thing.

Wildflower Wedding packages are also great for DIY couples or those working to a budget.

Q.  What should my budget be?

A.   As a rough guide, your flower budget could be 10-20% of your overall wedding budget. This will vary however depending on the size of the venue, how large your bridal party is, the type of blooms in your bouquet/arrangements, the style of wedding (cocktail/seated meal) and your ceremony location.

Q.  How far in advance should I book my wedding flowers? 

A.  Allow between 6 - 9 months, this is plenty of time for your wedding professional to get everything organised for your big day.

Q.  Can I book a consultation?

A.  There is an allowance in the packages for one 20 minute online consultation after booking.  If you require further online consultations they are charged at $50 per half hour.  Face to face consultations are available at a fee of $90 for the 45 minutes and $25 per 15 minutes following.

Q. What happens once I decide I want to proceed and book?

A.  On acceptance of my quote an invoice for a 20% non-refundable deposit is sent to you with a list of Terms & Conditions that you will be required to sign.  This will secure your date.

Q.  What are your Terms & Conditions?

A.   You can read the T&C's HERE

Q.  Why is my deposit non-refundable?

A.   In the event that you decide to cancel your wedding or to not proceed with me as your florist, your deposit covers the cost of the initial organisation and administration plus planning of your wedding blooms.  This is the time spent emailing and communicating with you, calculating an Estimate and then preparing a quote.  It also covers the time spent planning your flowers, quantities, colours and choices plus communicating with the flower growers and wholesalers.

Q.  Can I receive a refund if I pay in full?

A.   If you cancel within the 30 days before the wedding NO REFUND is payable by The Wildflower Studio.  If you cancel outside of the 30 days leading up to your wedding you will be refunded 80% of your full wedding costs.  This is less a 20% deposit fee which will cover admin & planning costs as outlined above.

Q.  Why can't I get a full refund if I cancel within 30 days?

A.   In the month leading up to your wedding flowers are ordered from growers & wholesalers and deposits paid.  This money is non-refundable.  It also covers loss of revenue as it is unlikely to book another wedding in that time to cover the costs of the cancellation.

Q.  What happens if I have to postpone my wedding due to Covid or another reason?

A.   Your deposit can be transferred to another wedding date suitable to both parties within 6 months of the original date.

Q.  What if I have to cancel my wedding due to Covid or another reason within 30 days of the wedding date?

A.   You will forfeit your deposit and/or the full cost of your wedding (if paid in full) as explained above.  If not paid in full you will be liable for the balance of payment left.

Q.  What size will my bouquets be?

A.   Bouquets in the Basic Package are small to medium.  You can upgrade to larger bouquets at extra cost if you wish.

Q.  Can I specify what flowers I want?

A.   I am happy to hear your flower suggestions.  We can incorporate them if they are in season and of good quality.  If you are wanting premium blooms such as Peonies, King Proteas etc there will be an added cost.  Some specific coloured Roses (Toffee) are also an added cost.

Q.  Can I have a different colour palette from those shown on the Colour Palette page?

A.   I can create a custom colour palette for you.  The fee for this service is $100.

Q.  Will my flowers look the same as in the Inspiration Colour Palettes?

A.   Inspiration Colour Palettes are just that, a suggestion of the mood, feel and colours of your wedding flowers.  Your flowers will not look exactly like those in the Colour Palettes or be the same size or have the same blooms.  I design bouquets using the best of what is in season using standard blooms.  Specific premium blooms and certain coloured flowers are an added cost.

Q.  If I give you a picture will you make my bouquets the same as in the pictures?

A.   You may email one inspiration image to me but I do not copy other florists work.  I create bouquets and wedding flowers specifically for you and your wedding keeping it fresh and original.

Q.  Can I change my mind and alter the flower choice, colours, selection/number of arrangements once I've paid my deposit?

A.   You are welcome to make alterations but the cost of wedding flowers agreed in your quote will not be reduced if you take out any bouquets or arrangements.  This  difference in price will be allocated to existing floral bouquets or arrangements.

Alterations that require re-working or addition of colour schemes/bouquets/arrangements attract a fee depending on what changes are made.  This covers the extra time involved in making changes, paper work, re-calculation of quantities etc.  You cannot make any alterations within 1 month of your wedding date.

Q.  What will I get in the basic packages?

A.   The basic packages are listed on the Weddings tab of the website and are a starting point.  Basic packages use standard foliage and blooms and bouquets and arrangements are a small to medium size.  If you want larger arrangements and premium foliage and blooms please chat with me, I'm happy to create a custom wedding package for you.

Q.  Can I upgrade my package or any items?

A.   You sure can.  Simply get in touch and we can chat about creating a custom package for your wedding.

Q. Do you supply arbour structures?

A.   You will need to hire this via an event or party hire company.  I can give you the names of local company's to check out. 

Please note,; I provide flower arrangements for arbours only that you install yourself.  I do not set up or decorate your arbour on site.

Q.  Do you do ceiling installations?

A.   I don't create or install ceiling installations.  Wildflower Weddings concentrates on simple elegant wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Q.  Do you deliver?

A.   Delivery is available starting at $85 depending on the location of your accommodation and/or the venue.  The delivery fee covers the cost of packing your flowers, driving your flowers to the destination and includes mileage, petrol and car expenses plus of course, my time.

Q.  Can you set & install up my flowers at the venue?

A.   No, I do not offer set up at the venue.  My wedding services are for small, intimate and DIY weddings.

Q.  Do you offer a pull down service at the end of the Wedding?

A.   This service is not available.

Q.  Can I pick up my flowers from your Studio?

A.   Yes, pickup is available on the morning of your wedding.

Q.  Is GST included?

A.   GST is included in your quote.

Q.  What is not included?

A.   Delivery and set up are not included in wedding quotes.

Q.  How do I pay and can I do it in installations?

A.   You can pay cash or credit and regular direct deposit installations can be organised if you prefer.  Otherwise once your 20% non-refundable deposit is paid you will be invoiced for the remaining 80% one month before your wedding.

Q.   Can you order extra flowers so that I can DIY my own arrangements?

A.    I can order flowers for you to match your wedding bouquets if you prefer to do your own ceremony and venue arrangements.

These will be charged at retail prices including delivery and GST.

Q.   Do you supply cake flowers for my cake maker?

A.   Yes this can be arranged starting FROM $50 stems only.  Cake Toppers START at $85

The Wildflower Studio is not available for Sunday or Public Holiday weddings or

the weeks of Easter, Valentines Day or Mothers Day

If you have any other questions please contact me to discuss.

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