Hi there,

I'm Sharlene, flower boss & creative director @ The Wildflower Studio Florist in Kiama

We all had a dream growing up about what we wanted to be, right?  A nurse or a ballerina were in my thoughts as a young girl - needless to say I am neither of those!

And unbelievably I never really wanted to be a florist - I just wanted to learn a new skill!

I then unexpectedly fell into my world of flower design & arranging after gaining Certificate 3 in Floristry and working in local floral businesses.

The Wildflower Studio was established at a small shop in Manning Street in 2016 before moving to its current location in 2020, next to the iconic Grand Hotel in Bong Bong Street.

I love working with nature, especially observing the seasons, how the light changes and the flora transforms and reinvents itself.  It never gets old.  The incredible colours, textures and shapes mean there are no dull moments and lots of surprises.


It's a challenge running a retail flower business and super hard work with long hours.

No two days are ever the same and that's what I love about it.  Plus there's always more to learn and embrace.  It's been so worth the dedication. I constantly strive to provide the most beautiful shopping experience along with great customer service.

Being born a creative has given me much pleasure in my previous careers as a Bridal Designer and as an Interior Stylist & Colour Consultant.  The knowledge and skills I gained working in those roles as been a huge help to develop my floral style and shop look.

When I'm not at work flowering I love to spend time at home in my vegetable garden where I grow a variety of seasonal vege's, herbs, tea ingredients and edible flowers. Hubby & I have known each other since school days and catching up with our 4 grown-up children (and two grandies) is always fun - however getting them all in one place at one time is nothing short of a miracle.

If you want more of an insight into my flower world then please follow along on Facebook and Instagram.  And to make sure you don't miss out on the latest of happenings at The Wildflower Studio you are welcome to subscribe to my Newsletters on the home page, just click the button to the right (or below if you are on a mobile phone).


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