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Flower Crowns

Flower crowns have almost become a wedding must have. The flower crown dates back to ancient Greece. A flower crown was worn at special ceremonies to honour the gods. In the Ukraine girls of a marriageable age wore them as part of their traditional folk dress and after the exchange of vows during the marriage ceremony a flower crown of myrtle and periwinkle was placed on the heads of both the bride and groom. In China a flower crown of orange blossom was worn during the marriage ceremony to symbolise fertility.

Fast forward to the Victorian era. Queen Victoria popularised the orange blossom flower crown wearing one at her wedding and now they are back! Today's flower crown can be anything from a small circlet of baby's breath to a bold and colourful floral head dress that Frieda Carlo would be proud to call her own. The modern flower crown has become an extension of the bridal flowers and a fashionable addition to the style of the wedding. Whatever your choice it's sure to bring some added glamour to your wedding.

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