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I used to dislike hydrangeas very much. They were so common growing alongside my grandmothers garden path and flanking her front gate. Washed out blue granny hats was how I used to see them. Then, over time, nature got a little helping hand and today we have so many glorious colours and varieties.

If the soil hydrangeas are grown in is acidic then the flower tends to be blue, in an alkaline soil it will be pink and yes you can add products to the soil to coax the colour along. However a white hydrangea will always be a white hydrangea and when planting a new hydrangea into your garden or moving an existing one around you many notice that in the first year the colour changes while it settles in.

I love delicate 'lace-cap' and my all time favourite is hydrangea 'paniculata' an old fashioned variety with a cluster of pyramid shaped flowers, what's your favourite?

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