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Flower Shop Inspiration

I'm trying real hard to get my 'back to work' mojo flowing. I closed the shop and treated myself to 2 whole weeks of holidays. I really needed a break to rest and relax. And to come back refreshed. I've spent a little time planning 2019, what I want it to look like, how I want it to feel and what I want the shop to develop into this year.

I love to take time out to travel and visit little floral shops in the big city and to take inspiration from Pinterest. I put my favourite images into a mood board for reference and to help with my branding. I've collected some images from Pinterest and put them onto a board called Favourite Florists and I think you'd love checking them out - just click on the link HERE. Here are a few that have got me feeling inspired and ready to head back to the flower bench.

local_milk via Instagram

source unknown

The Flower Studio via Rachel Kimber on Pinterest

@audriestorme on Instagram

source unknown

source unknown

(Images are not my own. All images sourced on Pinterest. Pinterest source noted where possible. Please notify me of the original source if you know of it so I can credit images)

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