Floral Wedding Dresses

It takes an adventurous bride to wear a floral wedding dress. The temptation to stick with a white or ivory wedding dress is too much for most and being such soft romantic colours (especially when embellished with lace) - who could blame them!

While I wasn't brave enough myself to wear a floral wedding dress on my own big day I did consider it for my Bridesmaids but sadly couldn't find exactly the pattern I was looking for (there wasn't much selection back in the day!)

Here are a collection of gorgeous floral dresses that I'd just love to see at a wedding...

Image via onefabday.com

Image via Brit.co

Image of Lover dress by Lara Hotz for Hello May Magazine

Image via nutterbuster.com

Image via yolancris.com

Image via greenweddingshoes.com

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