A great idea for flower lovers or those who have EVERYTHING.  A treat for yourself each month or as a gift for someone special.  The ideal Birthday, Mother's Day or Christmas pressie.


Each month I will deliver to the door a medium sized bunch of fresh seasonal flowers.  A vase (to keep)  is included in the first delivery so that it can be used each month.


Please advise the day of the week or date you would like deliveries to commence.


I will choose the best quality freshest flowers at market to create your monthly bunch based on what is in available in season and of the best quality.  You have the choice of native flowers, pastel flowers or bright flowers.


Choose from 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription and your desired colour palette, it's really easy!


Please Note:  Images above are an indication only, bunches will vary from what is above due to availability.

Monthly Flower Delivery from$75 per month

  • Keep your flowers in a cool spot away from the sun, breezes and air-conditioners.  Change the water every 2 days and clean the vase to ensure that bacteria won't build up in the vase or on the stems.  Trim the stems on an angle each time you change the water to help them drink and stay hydrated.