I couldn't wait to offer you these synthetic free, natural scents from Melis made with love right here in Australia. You can be sure that these gorgeous roll on perfumes will be a delight to use.  And the packaging is just divine, so beautiful in fact that you won't want to throw it away, use it for display instead!  Makes a beautiful gift for those who care about their health and love natural products.


Imperium - Imperium’s potent yet delicate, woody tone entwines with floral, sweet notes to soften and lift the scent’s earthiness


Sensuali - A complex and provocative balance of aphrodisiacs and orientals including jasmine, orange blossom and amber, it bewitches with its enchanting and sensuous feminine feel


Amandi - Balanced to direct and connect your senses to the divine root of love with its geranium heart and notes of rose and tangerine, Amandi compels and conjures natural beauty and JOY


Veritas - An epiphany in every sense with kaffir lime and citrus top notes in a spicy floral base.


Motus No.4 - Unisex Motus No 4 embodies masculinity - it anchors and harmonises with its stabilising, warm and spicy tones. Its forest floor and tobacco notes meld with hints of aged French oak and fir needle to create a charismatic and enriching scent


Motus No.7 - Unisex Mastering the art of balance, this complex yet subtly layered musk inspired scent is rich, alluring and poised. Woody base notes, subtle spice and elegant florals unify to create an invigorating fragrance


All info and images via melisperfumery.com




Melis Natural Perfume