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Infuse your home with delicious scents and a welcoming glow of a Le Desiré Soy  Candle.

Invigorate your space with the natural floral and fruit extract blends in the Aromathérapie Florale Collection. Part of our exclusive range of invigorating home fragrances, this collection features gorgeous scents inspired by beautiful, captivating florals.


Available in 6 captivating scents:


- White Thyme Amalfi Lemon

- Black Orchid

- Camellia Honeysuckle

- Japanese Blossom Tea

- Gardenia Lily Fig

- Rosewater Lychee


  • Natural Floral and Fruit Extract Blends
  • Natural Wooden Wick
  • No Lead
  • No Artificial Colouring and Fragrance
  • No Fragrance Enhancer
  • No Alcohol
  • In a Reusable, Perfumery Glass Container with Parfums Glass Cloche


Proudly Designed and Created in Melbourne Since 2003

Le Desiré Soy Candle Collection

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