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Infuse your home with delicious scents and a welcoming glow of a Le Desiré Marble Soy  Candle.

Invigorate your space with the natural floral and fruit extract blends in the Aromathérapie Florale Collection. Part of our exclusive range of invigorating home fragrances, this collection features gorgeous scents inspired by beautiful, captivating florals.

Available in 4 captivating scents:


- Santal Tonka: multi-faceted scent consisting of vanilla, tobacco, gourmand, almond, gingerbread and pistachio with woody and amber infused accords


- Kyoto Yume: layering aromas of amber, camellia, lotus, pineapple, green banana, Bergamot and Vetiver


- Midsummer Nights: a truly midsummer smell with hints of frangipani and coconut


- Summer Bellini: a crisp frangrance with velvety, fruity notes of pineapple, grapefruit, passionfruit, guava, strawberry, vanilla and coconut

Le Desiré Marble Soy Candles

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