The environmentally friendly food cover and wrap.  These Aussie made alternatives to plastic and cling film keep your food firm and fresh.  Mould with your hands to cover bowl, wrap bread and left over foods such as tomato & avocado.  Easy to clean and store.  Be kind to yourself and the planet.  Also a DIY option for those who like to keep their hands busy.  All packs contain a variety of prints.

Packaging is 100% compostable.


DIY KIT - includes 4 hexagonal wax blocks, 2 x medium pieces fabric 26.5 x 30cm.  Instructions are online.


Kitchen Starter Pack - 1 small 21 x 21cm, 1 medium 30 x 26.5cm and 1 large 35 x 34cm


Kitchen Collection - 1 small 21 x 21cm, 1 medium 30 x 26.5cm, 1 large 35 x 34cm and 1 Xlarge 40 x 45cm

Honey Bee Wax Wraps from $22