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So you want to open a Florist Shop - Part 1

Is opening a Florist shop is a long held dream? Have you been imagining the scent, the look, the bunches you'll create for a long time now or is it a recent idea? There are a few things you need to have a good long hard think about before you jump in (including the current retail recession!).

I'm going to cover a few basics in Part 1 (I have no idea how many parts to this there will be lol).

Firstly, are you qualified and do you have any experience? Sometimes it's best to have no experience cause if you did you'd never do it, but you definitely need some experience even if it's just to know what not to do. And by experience I mean a few years with different florists.

And you must have qualifications. This gives you credibility, its not enough to have a natural flair for floristry, you must back it up with some study and it doesn't matter whether you go to Tafe or a private floral school, you'll still know little about running a business at the end and the qualification is exactly the same. Think of this, would you go to a yoga instructor who just makes it up as they go along? Or to a massage therapist who just has a natural flair for it? I think not.

Next is location. Where are you going to set up? Do you know your location, how long have you lived in the area? Is there a need for your services? How would you be different to any other florist/business in the area? Who will your customers be and what do they want? There are lots of factors you need to consider about your location like parking, other activities that may impact your business such as a weekly market that will take up your parking and will there be anyone there selling a similar product to yours (hello - see my rant on Instagram & FB a few days ago). What other business is around you that will attract or repel customers?

Finally for Part 1 - premises. Are your premises suitable for the kind of business you wish to run? How reasonable is your landlord? What amenities are available? Will there be extra expenses associated with your premises such as Strata Levies (and a Strata Committee who can make your life a misery if they feel like it). What about rent? It may seem reasonable but by the time you add on insurance, land rates, council rates, electricity, phone, NBN, eftpos charges, bank fees, GST, staff wages, superannuation, car running expenses and petrol, accountants fees, stock (giftware), flowers & accessories - will you be able to cover all the costs? And will you be able to make a profit? If you can't make a profit there is no point in having a business. You need that profit to be able to grow your business by employing more staff, building your stock, advertising etc etc.

It may seem like a wonderful idea but think very carefully about all the above. Next part will cover setting up, support and services. I'm not sure when I'll publish it so keep an eye out on my Instagram account

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