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Going Green with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™

I have to admit I am a huge fan of GREEN! I've always loved green inside the home as well as outside. I can remember my parents building their first home and installing a soft sage green shag pile carpet and I loved it. Green can bring a lot of elements to a home, it can be calming and grounding evoking a sense of nature and relaxation or it can be more energetic depending on the shade you use.

I have collected some really lovely images from the Annie Sloan Home Instagram page to share with you and give you some inspiration on how to use green in your Chalk Paint projects. In these images you will see that some of the furniture has been painted with straight colour from the tin. Some have been finished with coloured waxes, others are a mix of colours to create a unique look, distressed or blended finishes. I love them all!









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