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Flower Colour Combinations

Before the scent, before you throw your nose into a flower (watch out for that bee) to inhale it's sweet intoxicating smell, the colour of the bloom is probably the very first thing that caught your eye. It's bold, fearless bright colour or its beautiful soft, romantic and dreamy pastel shades. Generally most people have a preference for either bright or soft colour. But how do you put some of these colours together? Why is it that some colours work well together and others fight? It's all about the depth of colour and how they contrast, compliment or blend together. And the greenery or fillers help to provide a place for the eye to rest or to transition from one colour to another creating a visual symphony. Sometimes there will be a light or white flower thrown into a bunch to provide contrast to what could otherwise be a dull and dark bunch. Or a bright colour thrown into a pastel bunch to give it a bit of kick. Look out for not only contrasting colours but those within the same colour palette such as red/pink/purple for example.

You'll see what I mean in these images of colour combinations below, all via Pinterest.

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Crystal Heart
Crystal Heart
Jul 18, 2023

I think it's important for a purchaser who walks into a florist shop to understand that a florist is trained in the psychology of colour (and how it can be perceived on the subtle emotional levels). This is a skill, just as arranging the flowers into a pleasant bouquet is a skill. It is also really interesting to understand how some insects, such as bees, actually see within a different frequency range of colour Where as we may see a yellow flower, a bee might be seeing the same flower as having pale grey petals. An ultraviolet light can change the image of a flower drastically.

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