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Indoor Plants

It's become a bit of a thing, bringing the green indoors. And I love it! I can remember my Mum always had indoor plants, Maidenhair fern (she has a green thumb), Boston fern, African Violet, Hoya and many I can't remember. Some hung from the ceiling, others draped around window frames with most being in pots on old ceramic saucers to catch the overflow. Every holiday she would plug the bath, add some water and put all her precious plants in the water to drink while we were away, with a neighbour popping in now and again to add a bit more water from above.

With houseplants adding some lushness to our indoor spaces not to mention the health benefits of adding oxygen and filtering the air, it's no wonder they are so popular. Some favourites that seem to be really good sellers are Fiddle leaf figs (still going strong), Peace Lilies, Devil's Ivy with creeping tendrils, Pepperomia in all it's forms, so hardy and lovely with glossy green leaves, Ruby Elastica with it's dark green smooth leaves and deep red veining (rubber plant) and Birds Nest ferns with wide flat paddle like leaves, frilly edged versions and ones that divide at the tip.

Of course succulents are still 'in' and I particularly love the draping, falling ones like String of Pearls & Ripsalis - it comes in so many varieties.

And they make a great gift idea especially 'Kokedama' where the plants root ball is wrapped in moss & twine to create an organic vessel for the plant to thrive in. Why not give a living plant to someone you love?

All Photography by Rebecca Rosconi Photography

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