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DIY Wedding Flowers

So you want to save some money by arranging your own wedding flowers? Good for you! So where do you begin? Deciding on your theme and type flowers is the first step. Then you will need to figure out your quantities. Most brides still like a florist to prepare their bouquets and buttonholes while friends and family decorate the ceremony and reception venue.

You can head off to the flower markets early on the day before your wedding (if you have the time and energy) or get a friend or family member to go for you. Do a practice run a couple of weeks before hand so you can see what is on offer at the markets but keep an open mind and have a backup plan for flowers. What is at the market one week may not be there the next due to availability, weather or because someone beat you to it the day before!

Prep and store your flowers in a cool spot for the days leading up to your wedding and have lots of help on hand to help put them together the day before. Again keep them stored in the cool and make sure they don't get too cold or wet - the blooms will develop brown spots and can even rot if water happens to get on them. On the day do a quick check of all flowers and then have a great time!!!

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