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Succulent Fever

Like everyone else on the planet right now I have succulent fever. I am totally obsessing over these hardy little cuties. There are so many forms to choose between. I love the fleshy leaves and variety of colours. They brighten up the indoors - ever noticed how adding greenery makes a room come alive?

Succulents love a warm spot with bright light - preferably natural. They can handle a sunny room and need water about once a week but don't overdo it. The soil should be moist but not damp and allowed to dry out between waterings.

I also adore hanging succulents such as Rhipsalis and String of Pearls. I have plenty of lovely succulents potted up or in terrariums in-store at The Wildflower Studio, 89 Manning Street, Surf Beach Kiama - pop in and check them out, they make a great present for old & young and who knows - you might become addicted too! Here are a few faves of mine, see if you recognise any...

Spiral Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Jade Plant

String of Pearls


Blue Chalk


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