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Terrariums are Terrific!

I have to admit to having a huge crush at the moment on succulents, flared jeans and terrariums - but not necessarily in that order! I think terrariums are terrific especially when they are stuffed with succulents.

What I love about terrariums is that they are so easy to care for while looking fantastic, love bringing a bit of green indoors, after all green is the new black! Terrariums are the perfect gift and ideal for nursery, bathroom (especially with ferns) and living spaces that aren't big on size - apartments in particular.

I have been busily creating all manner of terrariums for The Wildflower Studio from itty bitty small ones to large fishbowl types and even hanging ones. And it's great fun. There is inspiration everywhere so I've added a few below to get your creative juices flowing. Pop into the Wildflower Studio to check out our collection or book into one of my terrarium workshops to make your own! On the website under Workshops...

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Image via lovelyterrariums on Etsy

Image via Home Decorating Trends

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