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The Winter Florist

Luckily for us Winter doesn't mean a lack of flowers to bring indoors. The Winter florist has access to year round blooms thanks to hot house growers who supply an abundance of roses, chrysanthemums, gerbera's, natives and lush green foliage.

But our own gardens definitely go to sleep over the colder months and for those of us who like to hunt, forage and gather we can be left a little uninspired. However there are plenty of creative options for all who like to keep nature alive indoors over the cooler months.

You could gather berries, bark, pinecones, twigs and bare branches covered in moss or add some lovely feathery Spanish Moss. Use unusual pots and vessels to display your finds, Winter is the perfect time to create wreaths and bring out the candles. Silk flowers are another option to bring colour into your home.

I just love the idea of embracing winter and going with the season, lots of rustic texture, earthy colours and dried seed pods to bring depth, interest and mood to a room. The Wildflower Studio has plenty of inspiration in-store, come down and have a rummage around. I hope you enjoy the inspired images below that I've collected.

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image via Arcadia Home & Decor

image via Zillow Porchlight

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image via The Wedding Chicks

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