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Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT Furniture Makeover

How much do we love a Chalk Paint™ furniture makeover? From drab and dull to fabulous in just hours. And the best part? NO prep! That's right, no sanding, rubbing back or undercoat - just slap the paint on... Wipe down your piece with a damp cloth and get painting. The paint dries in approximately 20 minutes depending on the weather and you can add a layer of protective Chalk Paint™ Soft Wax almost straight away. There are 4 coloured waxes plus 5 new gilding waxes to change the look of your piece so you can achieve a vintage, aged, coastal, baroque or any look you like. You'll find the hardest part of the whole process is choosing a colour from the range of 35 beautiful colours. Join me for a workshop to learn more, choose from 'The Basics - Learn the Annie Sloan Method' or 'Paint a Piece' then move on to 'Antique & Vintage Finishes' and 'Image Transfer, Stencilling & Decoupage'. There are more details under the 'Chalk Paint Workshops' tab on the website. Here are a few finished pieces from my workshops to get you inspired...

Napoleonic Blue & Clear Wax

Pure White & Aubusson Blue with Dark Wax

Provence & Pure White

Provence & White Wax

Aubusson Blue with Dark Wax

Pure White over Greek Blue

Provence with Dark Wax

Emperors Silk & Black Wax

Aubusson Blue & Dark Wax

Versailles & Chateau Grey with Dark Wax

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