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Autumn Weddings

Autumn (or fall) is fantastic time for a wedding. With the heat of summer gone Autumn days are perfect for tying the knot. An Autumn wedding gives a bride the option of getting creative with flowers and colour schemes. When we think of Autumn colours I am sure that orange is the first colour that pops into the mind. It works beautifully with deep reds, apricot and yellow. And I love free flowing wild bouquets that look like they have been foraged from the side of the road.

Popular blooms available in Autumn are Dahlias for oomph (otherwise known as a feature flower), Hydrangea - another one with flower power oomph, Cymbidium Orchids, Sedum, Poppy Pods, Veronica and the eternal favourite - Roses.

Check out the images below for some Autumn Inspiration!

Image 1 via Buzz Feed

Images 2 & 3 via Chic Vintage Brides

Image 4 via The Wedding Chicks

Image 5 via Utterly Engaged

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