Tropical Leaf

Q. What is the cut off time for same day orders? 

A. 11am although sometimes an order can be squeezed in after that time depending on delivery destination and design choosen.

Q. What time will my order be delivered?

A. Although this can't be guaranteed, it is usually after 4pm when the shop closes.  We find people are usually home or not far away from home at this time and your delivery will not be sitting outside in the weather all day.

Q.  Can I have flowers delivered in the morning?

A. This may be possible depending on the destination. You will need to let us know at least 48 hours in advance.

Q. Can I specify what flowers I want in my bouquet/arrangement?

A. If they are in season and in stock in the shop they can be included in your bouquet/arrangement.

Q. Do you deliver on weekends?

A. Generally deliveries are unavailable on weekends and public holidays.

Q. Do you have boxed or potted arrangements available?

A.  Boxed & potted arrangements are available by pre-order.  However there are usually posy vase arrangements in store.